ALTAL heat pumps

Heats. Cools. Saves.

heat pump by ALTAL

ALTAL GROUP is a leading innovator and provider of advanced, high-quality heat pumps solutions for residential, commercial, and industrial applications.

We provide energy efficiency solutions to help households and businesses save money on their energy bills and become more sustainable.

Heat pumps advantage

Heat pump it is the best choice to go green. 

Lowest Running Costs

Heat pump can lead to a reduction in energy consumption of up to 80%, so the cost of a thermal kilowatt  is the lowest from all existing solutions. 

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energy efficient home with heat pumps
Energy Efficiency

After installing the heat pump You will notice immediately that your heating bills will be so much lower. It will consume one kW of electricity to produce 4 kW thermal energy.

heat pump controller
Convenient Comfort

Easy to use control panel. Innovated ALTAL control panel allow you to suit temperature settings at the touch of a button.

Heat Pump all year confort
Year Round Heating

Heat pumps provide heating n active mode and cooling in passive mode, so you’ll have all year round desired comfort in your home.

heat pumps solutions

Hot water heat pumps are the perfect option when you have children and pets, as there are no flammable gases or liquids used they are a safe heating option.