Ground-Water Heat Pump

Ground Heat Pump systems use the stored solar energy in the earth.

The system has 3 main components:
  • Ground loop
  • Heat pump unit
  • Distribution system
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Geothermal heat pump system
A few steps bring warmth!

STEP 1: Ground source heat pump uses fluid to absorb heat from the ground

STEP 2: Using electricity, the pump compresses the fluid and realeases it at higher temperature

STEP 3: Heat is sent to radiators or underfloor heating- the remainder is stored in a hot water cylinder

STEP 4: Stored hot water can be used for showers, bath and taps

There is a few ground closed loop configurations.

A closed ground loop system consists of a series of high density polyethylene pipes buried in your yard.

geothermal heat pump
Ground Heat Pump vertical loop

Vertical loops are used in urban areas areas where is a restriction of available land or if soil is too  difficult to trench. Drilling equipment is used to bore small-diameter holes. Pipes place in these holes are connected at the bottom with a u-bend to form a loop. Each vertical pipe is then connected to a horizontal underground pipe that carries fluid to and from the indoor heat exchange pump. Vertical loops  require less piping than horizontal loops.

ground heat pump installation Horizontal pipes
Ground Heat Pump horizontal loop

Horizontal ground loops are the most  common system for residential homes, when enough land is available to lay out a system and trenches are easy to dig. Piping is laid in trenches which range from 30 to 120 metres in length. Horizontal loops typically require 30-100 ftm of trench with 180-400 m of pipe per ton.

Geothermal Heat Pump Benefits
  • Energy efficient
  • Versatility
  • Comfort
  • Proven reliability
  • Environmentally friendly
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