How does heat pump work?

heat pump working proces

  1. Heat absorption: Fluid absorbs heat from the warmer soil or ground water around it.
  2. Heat exchange and use: The heated fluid returns to the building where it used for space or water heating. Itis used a heat exchanger to transfer heat into the building’s existing distribution, and ventilation system, or with the addition of a desuperheater it can also heat domestic water.
  3. Recirculation: Once the fluid transfers its heat to the building, it returns at a lower temperature to the ground loop (or buried pipes) to be heated again. This process is repeated, moving heat from one point to another.
  4. Circulation: The above-ground heat pump moves water or another fluid through a series of buried pipes or ground loops.
heat pump
A few steps bring warmth!

STEP 1: The refrigerant transports the heat

STEP 2: The refrigerant evaporates in the evaporator

STEP 3: Under pressure, the gas becomes hot

STEP 4: Refrigerant cools and regains heat

How do we work?

We make heating easy. We’ll take care of your entire  project from start to finish.

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We’ll perform accurate execution and production of customized Heat Pump. Next step it is to install and test  operational phases of the system. There are a few ways to install a Heat Pump. Installation method to use depends on type of Heat Pump.  If everything looks good we proceed to monitoring and controlling system.

See types of heat pumps and installation methods
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Turn on the heating.

Here’s the best part. If the tests show good results, we can state that the entire project completion was made.

Now that your Heat Pump is installed you will immediately begin reaping the benefits of this energy efficiently and environmentally friendly  Heat Pump.